Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Status Update

Considering it's been over a year since my last post, I figured I was long overdue for a status update. In short, I'm still having a blast playing games and creating content about them. However, that content has taken on new forms:

  • My Twitch channel: Over the past three years, I've gone all-in on streaming. I've been doing 3 streams per week lately, and at 3-5 hours per stream, this has taken up a considerable amount of my free time. If you've never caught one of my broadcasts before, they've very chill and cover a wide variety of games (just like this blog has). In addition to streaming games, I also occasionally build Gundam models on my channel.
  • Geek to Geek Media: While I've been affiliated with the Geek to Geek Media Network (GtG) for many years, I was more recently invited to become a member of their writing staff. At this point, I guess you could say I've transitioned from being a blogger to a game journalist? While it's not a paid position (GtG is entirely run by volunteers), I get provided with review copies of all the games I cover, which is pretty nice. Regardless, the types of articles I write for GtG are pretty similar to my posts here: succinct game reviews, impressions, and recommendations. Since it doesn't make sense to be writing about games like this in two different places, you can now find all of my latest articles over there.
  • The Community Game-Along: This annual schedule of gaming events has been near and dear to my heart since the very beginning of this blog. It has also served as a great source of inspiration for blog posts. Nowadays, I mostly use their calendar to plan my streams... but that's not all! I now serve as a member of their planning team and provide input about which events should be added to each year's game-along calendar. In fact, the newest recurring theme on the calendar, Shmuptember, is largely there due to my influence.
So what does all this mean for this blog? In short, I don't entirely know (which is why this site has been dormant for a while). At a minimum, I'm going to keep the site up to serve as an archive of everything I've written up until this point. However, I also have a few new ideas that I hope to implement this year:
  • Stream planning - This blog could serve as a good place to organize which games I'll be streaming for each game-along theme. I think this could be a handy reference for anyone that wants to redeem channel points to add a game to my stream schedule.
  • Gunpla photo gallery - Outside of Twitter and Mastodon, I don't have a good place to share photos of the Gundams (and other model kits) I've built. This idea still even fits my original "tales from the backlog idea" since I have a considerable stockpile of unopened model kits in my cabinet!
  • Miscellaneous musing - While my structured reviews and impressions for games now live over at Geek to Geek Media, I might try to use this blog for more free-form thoughts on games, anime, etc that don't really fall under the banner of "games journalism". It's iffy if I'll actually follow through on this idea, but I at least want to give myself the option if the mood strikes.
With all that being said, I want to give a big thanks to everyone who's been reading this blog over the years. It's been a pleasure sharing my thoughts on games and discussing them with you all. Keep your eyes peeled for the occasional sporadic update here and be sure to check out my new stuff over at GtG and Twitch!


  1. Hey there Jay. Never knew you had a private blog, or that it's not been too long since you joined GtG as writer. Really happy to see you strive and finding a nice way to link things together between the Game Along, streaming and then writing about games. Sometimes I really miss the days when everyone had their own little hobbyist blog on the net like this one you would peruse, but as someone who has had one for years myself, I know that the interest in those just isn't there anymore. Without wanting to trauma dump, I had a real rough time the past two years, and hanging out in chill streams like yours really helped. I'm a bit sad I can only make it to the Sunday ones from now on, but I hope many more years of my weekend Capsulejay fill are to come.

    1. Hi, Kursedblessing! I occasionally wrote guest columns for GtG in the past, but I've only been a regular contributor since around Shmuptember 2021 (which coincides with when I stopped posting updates here). Before that, I was just an affiliated streamer and community manager for them. Thanks for checking out my blog and for all your support on Twitch! While I'm sorry to hear you were going through a rough time for a while, I'm glad I was able to help in some way.