Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Four Job Fiesta 2018 Wrap-up

Last night, my second Four Job Fiesta campaign came to a close and it was a wild ride! Partly because of my increased familiarity with the game, and partly due to the classes I rolled, this Fiesta went much more smoothly than the last. Here are the highlights:

  • My first job was Blue Mage. Compared to last year's White Mage, the early going was much easier. Once my Blue Mage learned some basic attack magic and the Vampire skill (i.e. draining enemy HP), I had my bases covered both offensively and defensively from the get-go. It also helped that Blue Mages can use light swords and shields, so they made for serviceable physical characters as well. The only downside was that having to hunt for the correct monsters in order to learn new skills was a bit of a chore. I generally don't like classes that require doing "homework".
  • Berserker was what I rolled next. I was initially concerned about giving up control of one of my party members, but this worked out really well. Having one character devoted purely to raw offense at all times allowed me to focus on using my other characters strategically. Later on, thanks to having Reeses (formerly known as Bartz/Butz) mast the Ninja job, I was able to equip a Berserker with two weapons, making him a physical damage-dealing machine.
  • The one job I had in common from last year was Ninja. This is an awesome class! With a weapon in both hands and the ability to throw swords and shurikens, a Ninja is a great offensive character. When physical damage doesn't cut it, equipping them with the Blue Magic ability also yields good results since they have better magic stats than most other physical attack classes.
  • My final class was the most interesting: Chemist. I was uncertain at first about how to best make use of my Chemist, but once I figured it out, she became the cornerstone of my late-game strategy. Her ability to buff my characters and serve as an item-based healer proved to be invaluable in the last few dungeons, and especially against the final boss. I had some concerns about gathering enough crafting supplies to use her to abilities to their full potential, but by the end of the game, I had more than enough Dragon Fangs and Dark Matters without having to worry about farming for materials.
  • The final showdown against Exdeath went far more smoothly than I ever could have imagined! I had Cara set up as a Chemist and Lenna as a Blue Mage with the Chemist's "Mix" ability. In the first phase of the battle, I had these two ladies of science and magic whipping up all manner of buffing concoctions so that my whole party had Shell, Protect, and Reflect status as well as double their usual HP capacity! Meanwhile, Reeses was a Berserker and Faris was a Ninja; each was in the "berserk" state and equipped with a weapon in each hand. These two just whaled on the boss nonstop. Since all the chemical buffs I used carried into the second phase of the boss battle, everyone was more than capable of withstanding whatever Exdeath could throw at us. It was only a matter of time before my two berserk characters beat him into submission!
  Overall, this was a really fun campaign that encouraged me to use skills and classes that I had previously never even considered! I also finished the campaign faster and at a lower level than last year: 35 hours and at level 42. Regarding the charity side, between my contributions and those from Twitch viewers, $85 (US) went to Child's Play! I want to give a big thanks to everyone who watched or donated this year, and I'm already looking forward to next year's campaign!

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