Monday, July 16, 2018

Ease Further Into Ys

After having so much fun with my last Ys streaming series, "Ease Into Ys", I've decided to delve even deeper into Falcom's classic action RPG series with Ys Origin. This game is a prequel to Ys 1 & 2, but according to the series experts at Digital Emelas, it is said to be best played after the first two installments of the series. If you'd like to get caught up on what happened in those games, I'd suggest this YouTube video:

Unlike the other Ys games, instead of playing as the series protagonist, Adol, Ys Origin has three playable characters with their own story lines. At this point, I've already played through the first character's quest offline in order to get familiarity with the game and will be starting the second character's quest on my Twitch channel. Ys Origin is much more action-oriented than other RPGs I've played, even when compared to other Ys games, so it should make for a pretty briskly-paced stream.

If you'd like to join me on my journey up the Devil's Tower in Ys Origin, be sure to tune into my "Ease Further Into Ys" stream on my Twitch channel every Tuesday, starting tonight (Jul-17) at 8PM EDT!

This game has an awesome soundtrack! If you'd like to give it a listen while also supporting this blog, check it out via this Amazon Affiliate link: Ys Origin Soundtrack

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