Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Community Game-Along 2024 Stream Line-up

Game Along Calendar showing each monthly theme (see bold text in article below for the themes)

For many years now, I've been participating in the Chic Pixel community's game-along events. This year, I'll be back at it again but will also try to give myself a little more leeway to catch up on my backlog.

I've listed each month's theme below with a few games I have locked in for each. These are games I either selected myself or were chosen via Capsule Creds (channel points) redemptions. I also have the number of slots available for games requested by viewers or sent to me by publishers for review. I'll be updating this throughout the year to keep it current.

January: Food-themed Games (and Backlog Catch-up)

  • A Highland Song
  • Kirby Return to Dreamland
  • Koa & the 5 Pirates of Mara
  • Dragon Quest 4

February: Dating Sims (and Backlog Catch-up)

  • The Last Faith
  • Dragon Quest 4

March: Mecha Games

  • UnMetal
  • Shogo Mobile Armor Division
  • Strike Suit Zero
  • Panzer Paladin

April: Platformers

  • Rusted Moss
  • Demon Turf
  • <2 slots open>

May: Games with a Portable Aesthetic 

  • Save Me, Mr. Tako!
  • <3 slots open>

June: Fashion Games

  • Style Savvy or Fashion Dreamer
  • Alice Madness Returns
  • <1 slot open>

July: JRPGs

  • <2 slots open>

August: Games from Asian Countries (excluding Japan)

  • <4 slots open>

September: Shmups

  • <8 slots open>

October: Horror

  • Castlevania 2
  • <3 slots open>

November: Visual Novels

  • <2 slots open>

December: Crappy Games, aka "Kusoge" (and Backlog Catch-up)

  • <4 slots open>

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